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4 reasons to love chia seeds, plus my favorite chia recipe

Last weekend, my niece and mom asked me about chia seed. They knew it was something healthy to eat, but they weren’t sure why, or how to use it. Fortunately, when I worked at Delicious Living we answered this question, complete with recipes. Here’s a roundup of chia information from DL, plus my favorite chia seed recipe. Chia seeds are easy to use. Unlike flaxseed, you don’t have to grind chia to reap its benefits, and it’s incredibly versatile in recipes. Chia seeds are full of nutrients. Gram for gram, chia contains more fiber than flaxseed and more calcium than milk, as well as significant protein, potassium, and plant-based omega-3s. Chia seeds last a looong time. In the refrigerator, they’ll keep for up to two years. Chia has its own day. March 23 is National Chia Day — who knew? I love this chia infographic made in partnership with the fabulous Mamma Chia, maker of USDA certified organic chia drinks and bars. My favorite recipe with chia seeds takes just a few minutes to put together, and then it sets …

10 foods with gluten that might surprise you

Yesterday my colleague Allison told me that this gallery of 10 surprising gluten-containing foods that I created for somehow had a viral moment and got more than 10,000 page views! That’s the Internet for you; things live on (whether you want them to or not). The idea for this gallery originated from a blog I wrote a while back about my son’s experience with gluten in sushi, which was a complete shock to me at the time. Have you discovered other sneaky gluteny foods? Let me know!

Try this super tasty, gluten-free holiday appetizer

If you’re gluten free, you know there is a huge difference in the quality and palatability of gluten-free crackers out there. Some are truly inedible; others are “fine, good enough” but nothing special. That’s why I am truly thrilled with Crunchmaster crackers. These crackers just might be my favorite crackers ever, gluten free or not!