I’ve worked with numerous national magazines and corporate clients, including Delicious Living and New Hope Network; Sunset; and Cooking Light. Here are just a few of my favorite and award-winning pieces.

10glutenfoods595_210 surprising gluten-containing foods. Gluten lurks in numerous innocent-looking items. Increase your gluten intelligence with this infographic, honored by Digital Health Awards, Spring 2015.

 7 low-FODMAP foods for better digestion. What’s a FODMAP? This odd-sounding acronym may be the key to easing your digestive woes for good. Find out what it means and try the low-FODMAP recipes.


7 ways to fit healthy choices into your hectic life. Too busy to make “good” choices? I hear you. But even just one positive change will make a difference. Try one of these.

EWGG-Slide1The Evolution of Gluten and Gut Health. At Natural Products Expo West 2015, researcher John Gildae, PhD, and I gave a standing-room-only presentation on celiac disease and gluten intolerance, including historical background and the latest research.

gluten_flour_web_476393527Quiz: What is gluten? Lots of people have cut out gluten from their diets … but do you know what it actually is? Take this 2-minute quiz to find out.

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 6.48.24 PMChapul: Leading the future of sustainable protein. These new bars feature cricket flour, an up-and-coming, eco-friendly protein already enjoyed worldwide. Can they overcome the ick factor in Western markets? This content helped win the 2015 Jesse H. Neal Award for Best News Coverage.

QuinoarecipeImageWhy You Can’t Trust Every Recipe on the Internet. Have you ever googled a recipe, tried it, and experienced an epic fail? I wrote this blog for Sunset based on years of hard-won experience.

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 6.55.48 PM10 Top Gluten-free Finds at Expo East 2014 (gallery). The days of “just good enough” gluten-free foods are a distant memory. Delicious, excellent-texture offerings are now standard, thanks to ongoing innovation and increasing use of nutrient-rich, real-food ingredients.

SunsetDec13Master Class: Holiday Cookies. I spent a delicious day with pastry chef Romina Rasmussen of Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City to find out how she makes her incredible chocolate-gingerbread cookies (watch the video, too!) and pocky sticks.

SunsetSept13 Master Class: How to Cook Chicken Confit. Denver chef Jen Jasinski demonstrates one of her favorite techniques: the ultra-slow transformation of raw meat into rich, crisp-skinned confit.

sunset6Boulder v. Denver Food Fight: Rocky Mountain Smackdown. I took both sides of this debate. Who won? (Don’t kill the messenger.)

sunset5One perfect day in … Louisville, CO. Have we found the next Boulder? Take a peek at this up-and-coming Colorado town with easy Rockies access and a growing high-tech scene.

cooking_light7Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in … Denver. Once left off the culinary map for its admittedly tired take on cowboy cuisine, Denver is catching up to food trends fast. Sourcing local and ecofriendly foods is de rigueur, even in winter.

cooking_light5Go Ahead, Give In. You find yourself daydreaming about crisp, salty potato chips. Pretty soon it’s an insistent, must-have-it-now craving, and before you know it, your hand is deep in the bag. Rather than berate your lack of willpower, once in a while, indulge yourself.

sunset3The West’s Greenest Restaurant. When Hugo Matheson says he’s in one of his “moods,” that means he’d rather be out on a farm than inside The Kitchen, the popular Boulder, Colorado, restaurant that he opened as chef and co-owner in 2004. Recipes include Lamb Burgers,  Garlic Fries, and Brandy Shakes.

cooking_light4Spring Break. If you’re in a yearning-for-spring mood, it’s time to give your taste buds a tropical getaway, courtesy of flavorful citrus and tropical fruits. Recipe feature included Coconut Pancakes with Orange-Mango Compote, Frozen Lemonade with Coconut Rum, and Grilled Teriyaki Shrimp Kabobs.