I wear many work-life hats, and I love them all. No matter what you’re looking for — top-notch editor, health and wellness writer, marketing content creator, enthusiastic food expert, recipe wrangler, or OCD copyeditor — I’ve probably had experience with it. I’ll work with you until you’re satisfied with the final product.

If you’re looking for my chaplain services and resources, that’s here.

Content editing. Let me turn your rough draft or less-than-perfect text into a strong, flowing piece of writing that clearly communicates your thoughts. As a professional magazine editor for 16-plus years, I helped tentative writers find their voice in articles and essays. I’ve also conceptualized and edited online business pages, marketing copy and infographics, corporate brochures and reports, out-of-control dissertations, custom magazines, e-newsletters, and much more.

As a specialized food and cookbook editor, I edit recipes, food content, and nutrition stories for content and clarity, working with writers and recipe developers all over the country to produce the work you’ll find in Delicious Living, Sunset, and more.

IMG_2779Content creation. I’m your source for features, columns, blogs, newsy blurbs, brochure copy, trends, reviews, new product updates, travel insights … anything that meets your need for clean, snappy content. Editors: I can submit fresh, timely queries or tackle work from your editorial calendar. I always hit deadlines and I’m a stickler for nailing the assigned word count. (As an editor myself, I know how helpful this is.)

I know how to incorporate current research into science-based material, and I enjoy interviewing experts for additional insights and grabby quotes. I’m also an experienced public speaker on a range of food- and health-related topics.

Copyediting. Give me your finished copy, and I’ll make sure every detail is consistent and every word makes sense. (I’m also great at proofreading, though that’s a little less fun.) I thrive on ensuring correct punctuation and consistent style in any written material.

Marketing polish. Over the years, I’ve received thousands of press releases and products for review. Countless went straight to the recycling bin or the freebie table. The upshot? I know exactly what kind of marketing collateral cuts through the clutter and gets an editor’s attention. Let’s collaborate to make your press materials or products stand out from the crowd and get the attention they deserve.

Recipe testing and recipe editing. If yrecipe-312959_1280ou’ve got recipes that need an expert touch, I’m your huckleberry. Many people don’t realize that every recipe in every article, blog, or cookbook had to be (or should be!) tested by someone in a real kitchen. (See my Sunset magazine blog on the subject.) I’ve tested more recipes than I can count — including shopping, cooking from start to finish, critiquing, retesting, and editing for clarity — so I know how to tweak them to ensure excellent taste and success every time. I’ll make sure your recipes make sense and taste good, from the ingredient list, amounts, and directions to the finished dish, before it goes into print or online.

Recipe development. I can create original, delicious dishes designed for your target audience — healthy, gourmet, gluten free, organic, single-ingredient, convenient, family friendly, ethnic, and more. I’m also an expert at modifying existing recipes to suit specific needs (gluten free, less fat, lower sodium, more flavor, seasonal, etc.).

Food and beverage consulting. Looking for expert feedback and insight on your brand’s new food product, packaging, infographic, or story? Need a treatment or recipe that highlights your mission or special ingredient? When it comes to food and recipes, I know what flies and what falls flat — and why. I’ve reported on products and trends in the natural foods world for more than a decade (especially the gluten-free and allergen-aware market), so my knowledge and contacts run deep and wide. Let’s talk about how I can help you infuse energy and accuracy into your brand’s products or recipes. (If you’d like to send samples, please drop me a line through the “Contact” page.)